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That tempting “update” button 

Yesterday, Apple started pushing out their official iTunes 8.2, which supports mobile devices at firmware 3.0. Here’s why you jailbreakers and yellowsn0w-users shouldn’t really accept that “Update now?” question:

  • Most people aren’t at 3.0.   In fact 3.0 is still in beta and has lots of bugs (especially related to push updates).
  • It breaks your ability to use QuickPwn, PwnageTool, and iPhone Tunneling Suite (ssh over usb).  We don’t think this is a deliberate breakage of these tools.  It’s just that Apple has updated a low-level USB protocol that normally only Apple cares about (but jailbreakers care about).
  • So far, the only appreciable change to iTunes 8.2 is the Genius function working on videos.
  • It may actually break Palm Pre’s connection to the device (please give us feedback on this).

This update is one of those that incidentally breaks QuickPwn and PwnageTool.  It doesn’t seem like an anti-jailbreak.  But nonetheless, it will break your ability to re-run QuickPwn or PwnageTool’s dfu-entry.

Because this update isn’t a deliberate anti-jailbreak measure, it’s easily fixed in our tools.  But we really don’t want to update our tools until 3.0 is out, so please don’t update to 8.2 if you think you’ll need to rejailbreak your device. :)

YellowSn0w on 2.2.1 and beyond

We see many questions about whether yellowsn0w can ever be made to work on firmware versions past 2.2 (or equivalently, basebands past 02.28).  This is probably a good place to address those questions:

If there is a yellowsn0w update for firmware after 2.2 (or basebands after 02.28), there is no way it would ever be released before 3.0 is official.   It just wouldn’t make any sense to release an exploit for something that only those who have beta 3.0’s (NDA signers) could use.  Most people in the world aren’t NDA signers.  Any yellowsn0w update for 3.0 would need to happen *after* 3.0 is officially available.