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Big week! 

As anyone reading this blog must already know, this is the big week where Apple releases their official 3.0 FW to the public (Wednesday), and then the new iPhone2,1 hardware, aka the iPhone 3GS (Friday).

On Tuesday evening (just before the big Apple release) we’ll do a live demo of the yellowsn0w carrier unlock working on official 3.0 firmware.   The actual link for the feed will be twittered by @MuscleNerd and also placed here when the feed starts.  The demo should answer everything you need to know about the new yellowsn0w.  But it’s good news for iPhone 3G unlockers everywhere.

Meanwhile, we’re in the middle of testing our PwnageTool and QuickPwn tools, which will work with iTunes 8.2. The jailbreak of course continues to work on 3.0 for all devices it ever worked on, thanks due the Pwnage 2.0 technique released last summer.   Our tools will be released no sooner than the Apple release (just in case!).

P.S. For the new iPhone 3GS, please don’t expect periodic updates about any progress we have or don’t have.  Nothing gives Apple the upper hand like someone tweeting or blogging partial hack results.  That’s not how cat & mouse is played :)  That’s how the cat gets fed.

Updates after the video.  Please skip ahead to 02:00 to see the demo.

Update 1 (Wednesday morning):

  • Only ultrasn0w is going to take til Friday to get pushed out.  All of our other tools should be out pretty soon after the official Apple release.
  • If you apply our jailbreak when it comes out, you can install ultrasn0w anytime after that.  You obviously won’t have cell service in the meantime, though.
  • This may in fact be directly applicable to the iPhone 3GS if it can be jailbroken, because it runs the same baseband version.  Whether or not it can be jailbroken is a big question right now!
  • If you’re on Twitter, please give @Oranav a pat on the back.  He could have revealed the crash he found to Apple and maybe gotten quite an incentive in return. Instead, he told us about it so that we could work it into an injection vector for the soft unlock.

Update 2 (Thursday morning):

  • We have two issues that we’ve been trying to resolve:
  1. There are new 3.0 complications with if you’re on a hacktivated (unofficially activated) device
  2. There’s a bug in Apple’s new version of asr that our custom IPSW’s are tickling and causing crashes on, on some devices.  (For the nerdy or curious among us, the details of that bug were tweeted by planetbeing a month ago.)
  • As of Thursday morning we now have a workaround for #2.  For #1, we’ll try our best to get it fixed but we may end up releasing a preliminary jailbreak in which YouTube doesn’t work for hacktivated devices, and then follow that up with a more complete jailbreak when we can.

WARNING ABOUT THE COMMENTS:  People new to this blog probably don’t realize that comments from the DevTeam actually have a gold header to them, so you can pick them apart from the fake users.  But to be extra safe, until the release of this set of tools we’ll keep our feedback up here in the main post, not in the comments.  That way you won’t get tricked by fake users.

Also, if you want to help self-moderate, please click on the “report this post” for comments you all know are fake.  If enough of you do that, it’ll get deleted automatically.