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Stop Thief! 

So, earlier today we were alerted to a scummy, scammy and not-at-all-nice operation at .

These guys are selling our PwnageTool application. The people at this ‘company’ have modified our application (in a rather amateurish way) and sell this to people for £29.99. This is unfortunate as we have all put in lots of time to bring you this application for FREE.

We didn’t license this application to them, we don’t license it to anyone. The application even contains the PwnageTool helpfile and original credits! 

Well, thanks to Jody Sanders of 118 Bromyard Road, Worcester, United Kingdom for bringing you this scam, he or she can be found drinking in the Garabaldi Pub in Bromyard RoadWorcester why not pop in and buy them a pint? 

You can read the Hacknt0sh forum thread here which makes very interesting reading.

Update: Another interesting development is that the owner of iPhoneUnlockUK has been exposed as using a fake Guardian endorsement on his website.