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The quest for the holy GGG 

Right, so three of our members are waiting to buy the lovely shiny Apple 3G iPhones. We need a couple of new out-of-the-box iPhones, for erm, some tests. Our guys are on the ground in various parts of the world, and we’ll be bringing you updates on their progress (in this post) hopefully with photos. Keep an eye out for them, but be warned, they’ll be in disguise as Apple geeks to blend in with the crowds.

UPDATE: bugout enters the store and says that the activation servers are fubar. They have given him a black 16GB as “<bugout_> white is f***ing ugly”. He has been told to take it home and activate it. :-) course he will.

UPDATE: MuscleNerd and Pumpkin are suited and booted, they’ve left their houses and are on the way to the stores, we’ve heard it is 1 per customer, which is a shame because they each have a  pocket full of cash for phones for our Eastern European colleagues. 

UPDATE: We have a video of something you guys might be interested in, all will be revealed later. 

UPDATE: MuscleNerd says there are 200 people ahead of him, and about 500 units in stock. He doesn’t want to get physical to get one, we told him to chill, he needs to act more like an Apple fanboy and they generally don’t have muscles.

UPDATE: Bugout is near the counter, he may be the first of the DevTeam to score. He is trying not to look any Apple genius in the eye, he thinks that will be like  encountering Medussa, or something.

UPDATE: Bugout wins the race! He can start testing as soon as he removes his Emo disguise and puts away his skateboard.

UPDATE: MuscleNerd has revised the queue count to ~256. Please don’t be mad, he isn’t used to dealing with Base-10 numbers.

UPDATE: Bugout reports iTunes Fail, hmmm, do we really need it.


UPDATE: MuscleNerd is stood in line with a kid who had “3G” written on his face, Zf (who is usually idling) suggested that MuscleNerd write “GGGGGGGGGGGGG” on his Muscles.

UPDATE: 3G kid photo.


UPDATE: Whistle while you work! la-la-la-la-la-la-la! 

UPDATEDaddy, am I black with white stripes or white with black stripes?  2008-07-11 12:28:17.000 iTunes[4906:10edf]: DFU file = (null)

UPDATE: More 3G kid.


UPDATE: So guys, the out of the box tests on retail hardware are great. Everything works as we anticipated. This is great news, seriously. No riddles or jokes or cryptic messages now, watch this space.