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The money shot 

So guys, below is a link to the video of the upcoming PwnageTool 2.0 

Many many hours have gone into this and now it should be as easy enough for your grandmother to use.

We’ve added lots of new features, including 2.0 support, spotlight file indexing of .ipsws, canned websearches, installer custom configuration, custom root partitions and various other things that you’ll see on the release. Release date is soon  although not this weekend. So check out the video, hopefully it will hold you off until we release. High quality video is here (although the server is suffering a bit) YouTube link here Music by the Marx brothers :-)

UPDATE: Please don’t pay close attention to the wording in the popups of PwnageTool as this is mainly placeholder text while we finalize everything for release. PwnageTool works with 2.0 upgraded 1st gen iPhones if they are activated or not.