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xpwn 0.3 sources are now up 

Hey guys,

The development sources for xpwn 0.3, the firmware 2.0 version of our cross-platform jailbreaking library/command-line utility have been pushed onto github. We’ve tested it on Linux, Windows XP, and Windows Vista for both the iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G thus far, but since it uses the same FirmwareBundles files as PwnageTool, and we know those work for the iPod touch, there ought not be any problems.

Being a suite of command-line utilities, this release is meant primarily for developers. While you can certainly jailbreak (both 3G and first-gen) and unlock (first-gen) with it, it’s not really something you want to try without reading the lengthy, detailed README. If you don’t have the patience to do that, this release is not for you.

We’re hoping the community will use this to create useful, easy-to-use jailbreak related applications for all platforms. This is an open source endeavor and you are more than welcome to fork it, fix our bugs, submit patches, etc. Now it’s time for you guys to step up to the plate. :)