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SugarBowl Sweetness 

Two weeks ago, the 3G iPhone and 2.0 firmware were released by Apple.  Last week around this time we released our jailbreak for all devices, and unlock for the 1G iPhone.  Since that time, it’s been a busy week!

Dev Team’s planetbeing released xpwn, cmw released winpwn, and Apple pushed out 2.1 firmware to beta testers.  And meanwhile the pursuit of the 3G unlock goes on.  Whew that’s a lot of activity for one week!

Here’s a screenshot of 2.1 running on an unlocked iPhone 1G.  Pwnage remains in effect.   Unlike all other jailbreaks (and unlocks for 1G), we believe Pwnage to be fixable only via a hardware revision.  So far Pwnage has worked for 1.1.4, all eight (!) 2.0 betas, 2.0 itself, and now 2.1 beta1.