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It isn’t sparkling - yet! 

Just as we moved PwnageTool to the sparkle update system (just after making this original post) one of our team noticed a nasty bug that only happened on his intel iMac running Leopard, we held off and tried to fix it and get it out but it still isn’t fixed. This isn’t anything to do with 2.0.1 being unhackable or other kooky idea, so don’t worry about that, it is a bug with the building of the final ipsw, which is kinda fundamental and we were worried that it would appear on similar systems, the bug wouldn’t have caused any damage to systems, but it would have been a support nightmare, and it just wouldn’t work. We’ll post the fixed version to sparkle as soon as it is fixed, (which will be after we’ve had some sleep) and also post a direct link too. We were considering releasing a beta “at your own risk” release, but it is just too risky as we didn’t test on all our machines yet. Remember we ship “safe-tools”.

See you in the morning guys and gals.