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We’ve had some issues with iPod touch devices and the latest version of PwnageTool for the Mac, in certain conditions incorrect permissions will be used and the keychain doesn’t save passwords. So hold on and wait for the next release, we’ll push out the updated version via Sparkle as soon as it is tested (it is being tested right now). We have also encountered some issues with the Windows Beta of QuickPwn, and we have an update that should fix the issues seen with 64-bit Windows versions and should be able to be used with all versions of Windows, but as with all beta software other bugs may be present.

UPDATE: New Windows QuickPwn Release Candidate (RC3)

UPDATE: Sparkle update for PwnageTool (Mac) being pushed out now! Direct link here 

NB: Only use the .tbz file that is distributed by us. the SHA1 sum for  PwnageTool_2.0.3.1.tbz is a3faf5c074d5556a40ce4c7678a51995b5767073