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DevTeam at DefCon 

The iPhone Dev Team was nicely represented at the most recent DefCon in Las Vegas,  bushing, MuscleNerd, and 2 other unnamed members were there soaking up the info. At one of the nite parties we got a Cycorder capture of the GRL’s awesome laser tag system, this uses a DLP projector to project an image that is drawn in real time from the motion capture of the point produced by a high-power green laser, check out the message.

DefCon from iphonedev on Vimeo.

If you’d like to see more of the GRL laser tag system, there is a great video of them bombing El Corte Inglés and other high-profile locations in Barcelona

We’ve also got some nice video of Woz, doing some cool stuff (well we think it is cool) but we’re just need to make sure it’s ok to show and that names are changed to protect the innocent :)