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QuickPwn - Mac 

Here is the long awaited “QuickPwn” for Mac OS X. You’ll see a similarity to the user-interface of PwnageTool, this is because of the great feedback we’ve had since we moved to that interface with PwnageTool 2.x. 

QuickPwn is not a replacement for PwnageTool, they are different tools and provide different features, QuickPwn is for quickly pwning a device, whereas PwnageTool is designed to custom build and tailor the ipsw production process, both tools will be actively developed in the future.

To use QuickPwn 1.0 Mac OS X your device should be running 2.0.2, if it isn’t then you can upgrade it to 2.0.2 using iTunes and then use the QuickPwn tool, we repeat, it’ll only work on version 2.0.2 of the iPhone or iPod touch firmware. 

If you don’t want specific things to happen such as baseband updates then PwnageTool should be used to create a custom .ipsw with your specifics.

Here is the official torrent for the release, we are seeding it on a few different servers so it should be well seeded already, but we think it’ll be a popular download, so we thought we’d use bittorrent as some of you were not too happy about 2kb/s downloads :)

If you are not comfortable using bittorrent, come back in 12 hours and we’ll post a direct link on our server (when the initial rush has died down a bit!)

Remember, don’t use “The Unarchiver” to decompress the .tbz file that you download with bittorrent, use “Archive Utility” that ships with OS X.

SHA1 sums

QuickPwn_1.0.0.tbz (via torrent) = 22ee0d6814a6bac9b1b9a8c7715dd714bd6bb449