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iPhoff ‘08 


Q: What do a bunch of Slavic speaking iPhone geeks do at the end of the summer to get some R&R, brainstorm and make sure they get the maximum amount of sunshine possible?

A: They go to beautiful Varvara in Bulgaria of course! they talk iPhones, drink vodka and super strong rakia, then party late into the night :-)

iPhoff ‘08 was the first meeting of the Bulgarian iPhone fans where a few DevTeam members held honorary guest positions.

Lots of interesting chat took place, and by the second bottle of rakia iPhones became building blocks, ashtrays, cigarette lighters and various things they were not made for :) Don’t worry about the iPhones most of these guys needed an excuse to buy 3G handsets anyhow ;)

Extra special thanks to Атанас Чобанов for being an excellent host and looking after our guys.