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QuickPwn - fake sites 

We would just like to point out that that there are lots of fake sites using the QuickPwn name, these muppets don’t know anything special, and they don’t have anything unique. They are vultures that sit on the domain names and plagiarize content and information in the hope that you donate to them, or click the google ads. 

As we’ve mentioned before we don’t accept donations and we certainly don’t allow ads on our site, anyone who asks for donations in our name is lying, end of story.

So we would recommend that you stay away from badly designed chaotic sites (especially ones of a monochrome variety) that capitalize on the name of our tools.

Spammers should also watch out (even if they are part of the extended iPhone community). Like any decent blog we do not moderate our comments, we let the criticism flow alongside the praise but we certainly do filter on spamwords and then decide if they get posted. Play nice people, spamming just isn’t cool.

Now of course all that stuff isn’t cool, but be prepared for some stuff from us today that is cool.