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Masks and fun stuff!

We’ve had a total 39,317 downloads of the PwnApple mask in the last 7 days.

Photos of people wearing the masks were submitted and seem to come from all over the world, these certainly made us chuckle! Judging by the comments most of you guys enjoyed the photos. Three or four of the photos submitted couldn’t be shown to the public as they were, erm, not quite “work safe”. One of these secret photos was almost amazing, so amazing in fact that most of the guys couldn’t even believe that an iPhone 3G and USB charger would fit in there, very, very impressive.

The PwnApple mask had a bit of a hidden meaning for the team, a kind of inside joke, one or two commenters on the blog speculated to what was the true meaning, they were kinda close, but most of all it was a bit of fun, the kinda fun that keeps morale high and talk lighthearted and this really does help when people are concentrating and working so hard.

We’ve made some decent progress with the iPhone 3G, nothing worthy of a party as yet but we are moving along nicely, we’ll keep you updated on this.

We were planning a ‘funday’ video for today but real life has got in the way again and a few of us have been busy so we won’t have time to get it out. If you guys want do want a video of some progress, maybe we can make it a funday-Monday?

Update warning!

Now for something a bit more serious,  we’ve explained about the pros and cons of applying Apple’s updates in the past and we’ve warned against the immediate installation of these updates without knowing what they do to your device.

This is indeed true of the iPhone 3G’s upcoming 2.2 release. Installing '2.2’ straight away on the iPhone 3G using the iTunes auto-updater could affect your chances of any software unlock in the near future (should one be found and released), so when you see an update in iTunes await our instructions first!

Please don’t blindly install the update and then complain about it later  ;-)

iPod Touch 2G

We are not working on the iPod Touch 2G at the moment, we certainly have interest in this platform as we have mentioned before and we have done some preliminary analysis, but currently all eyes are still on the iPhone 3G, we hope to pick up work on the iPod Touch 2G sometime in the near future and when we have any updates relating to this we’ll blog about them here.