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Cat and Mouse 

We already know that Woz is an advocate of Pwnage but here is a recent interview with him from the BBC’s Click Online show, the interviewer is Cambridge Computer Science graduate Spencer Kelly.

Some interesting information :-

  • 02:50 Spencer: “What do you make of the iPhone hacks where you can unlock your iPhone and start downloading apps that don’t come from the AppStore…. connect it [the iPhone] to a different network? The hackers are out there and they want to get inside this thing and want to break it down”
  • 03:00 Woz: “I love it, I love it”
  • 03:05 Woz is a Cycorder user
  • 03:35 Woz echoes Jobs’ speech about the iPhone and security  - “The iPhone is not necessarily a raw computer platform. It also includes a cellular phone and it attaches to a cell network and you need to have certain level of security to protect the network, to protect the relationship with the carriers so the iPhone has taken some very reasonable steps to avoid somebody figuring how to step over a very bad line that would hurt us”
  • 04:10 “I also side with the hackers
  • 04:18 “I don’t think the hackers would do it if it were not a Cat and Mouse game
  • 04:23  “[The hackers] are not doing it to make money, they are not doing it to hurt people”
  • 04:35 “The Cat and Mouse game is good”
  • Woz’s ultra geeky Nixie watch can be seen several times during the interview

You can find out more about Click Online here there is an extended version of the interview here.

You can also see Woz at the top of the table here.