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Feeling Good! 

Over the last week we have made a few changes to our blog. The first major change was the migration of 35,000 comments from a hosted service called Disqus to our new comment provider IntenseDebate. The Disqus system was causing problems for many of our readers and in our opinion the threading and user-interface was inconsistent, we also had some other service related problems with Disqus which didn’t help matters, but we think that moving to IntenseDebate has been the best option for us, and ultimately for you. IntenseDebate helped us migrate our comments in super quick time, with the guys turning things around for us as if we were paying them a fortune, but of course we pay them nothing, nada, zilch, this was all for free. Thank you guys.

We also have a lovely new template. This was created by the graphics genius that is Jacob Bijani he is not only super cool and makes things look very very pretty, but he works for the awesome tumblr who provide the bandwidth and tumblogging platform you are seeing here, thanks Jacob, thanks tumblr.

Here is a great video we found that reflects the good feeling -

“Feeling Good” by Nina Simone. Video (found on dailymotion) by Tamara Gildengers Connolly