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Hello Jody! 

Seems like “Jody Sanders” of the West Midlands, UK (who we mentioned in our release post) is at it again and is stealing our work and passing it off as his own, he has done this before and this scam was reported by the Guardian and also by on this blog last year and was also covered in a very very long thread over at hackint0sh forums.

We specifically restrict the commercial use of our software, and yellowsn0w is included in these restrictions. This dodgy geezer is selling our software to you at a bargain £19.99 he says:-

“We can now fully unlock the iPhone 3G for use on any GSM network for just £19.99 DIY (£49.99 in-store at either London or Birmingham) - just in time for the release of the iPhone 3G PAYG in the UK (available from Carphone Warehouse and o2).”

Jody’s “software” contains our code and also copyrighted code from elsewhere. All you need is free and outlined here . What he is doing just isn’t cool.

If you are in Birmingham or London then if you could find out any information about Jody Sanders at “iph*neunl*ckuk” we’d be very appreciative.

Also if there are any UK based lawyers or student lawyers that could help us with this, then please contact us at of course student lawyers can’t give us specific legal advice, but even your informal opinion helps.

Seems like even though Jody claims he doesn’t offer our software, he is offering his “own software” (that is fact just QuickPwn with some edits, also forbidden) and also claims (in relation to yellowsn0w) -

“Please bear with us at the moment - the software is in beta stage and we are trying to get it working for all users.”

The patched QuickPwn isn’t the only warez they sell or offer, they also provide a hacked version of the Apple IOUSBFamily kernel extension.

Some interesting stuff has been uncovered about Jody, some which can’t be posted here, but his limited company “Phone Unlock Limited” is way behind on submitting the company accounts, if anyone would like details of his company it can be read here - 1, 2, 3 and 4

Seems like selling our work has paid off, his current apartment (not the one listed in the companies house records) is up for sale for £190,000 - looks like he is moving onto a bigger and better things. We also need information on his co-worker “Tim Hinton” also of the West Midlands.

There are also other companies who are operating the same scam, but Jody has been warned specifically, so he is first (two wrongs don’t make a right).

Please don’t comment in this post about yellowsn0w issues, non Jody related comments will be deleted, if you are having problems with yellowsn0w, please comment here

Cute youtube video by nrox653 :)