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Donations to /dev/null 

We’ve seen some comments about you lovely people wanting to donate money to us. We’d just like to say that we DO NOT accept donations. There is no paypal account associated to us, there is no way to donate to us, we do this as a hobby and don’t want to be paid and we fund all of this ourselves and it works out just fine.

Anyone who says “donate to DevTeam” in our name is lying, so don’t send them anything, you’ll just fund their crack habit.

Keep your dough for the lovely shiny Apple products, we think you’ll need it.

If you do want to send us something, please send a scan of a postcard from your city, handwrite a nice message scan it and sent it over to [email protected]

We prefer old fashioned courtesy over flashing animated location maps, we are simple like that. We’ll post the best ones on a page on the wiki.

Also if you are interested  you can look at our favorite foods but again you can’t send us these!

/dev/null information here

First person to email us a scan of a postcard from their city will win a Kinder-Egg.